Dec 3, 2008

New Christmas Nativity Hand Puppets!

I'm always on the lookout for a new cute creative Nativity for my home at Christmas time. I'll usually see the staple white ceramic or carved wood but they all tend to be traditional, simple, and static on my fireplace. Our *genius* designers here at Pebbles have come up with a brand new creative Nativity that will also include your children in the experience of decorating for Christmas! HAND PUPPETS!! They are darling and only $2.50 a piece!


The Robisons said...

Those are adorable! I have to have the whole set. Too cute!

Bee said...

Oh! I want these! How clever. Are they available online? How long do they take to make?

Birrell Family said...

They are available to purchase online here

and I would give yourself an evening to put them all together. Cutting out all of the shapes takes the longest and then you just have to glue it together. Enjoy!

mj said...

oh those are cute.