Sep 22, 2009

YW Cooking 101 Night

It has been fun to focus some Y/W activity nights on basic cooking... but this activity would be equally as good for the YM and Achievement Day girls or even new moms in RS. Our Laurel's learned how to make a basic homemade meal of chicken fingers & oven fries, tossed salad and chocolate malts. As hard as it is to believe, many are leaving home in the next couple of years and these basic skills will come in handy... skills that I sure didn't have when I married (my own fault, my poor sweetheart as I practiced on him). I was so surprise how many girls have never touched raw chicken or cooked a meal... Ramen noodles and mac & cheese do not count! Their future family will thank us one day :) It was a fun night and something I think we will do again soon. Plan food... they will come!

Please email me ( with your name, activity idea w/info and photo if you have one from any LDS organization. Let's start sharing ideas with each other ... let's face it, WE ALL NEED HELP!