Sep 28, 2009

Y/W Standards Night

As you can guess, I am in Young Women's. But I would like to share your ideas that also include the youth, Primary, RS Super Saturday ideas and Ward activities... please email them to me at, with or without pictures and I will post them on the blog.Thank you!

We gathered all the formal dresses in the neighborhood and had a special night with the girls. They had such fun choosing the dress they felt beautiful in and spent extra time primping together. Watching each beehive walk around feeling like a princess in her first fancy dress was priceless. Afterwards, we met in the RS room with light background music and they each modeled their dress as our YW president read a special note to them from their parents, finishing up with they were each a daughter of God. Ashlee gave an important talk about the importance of being beautiful on the inside. As much fun as it is to dress up, we must always do the things we can do to grow beautiful on the inside, by reaching out and helping others. We finished up with yummy parfaits of cut up chocolate cake, instant chocolate pudding, coolwhip and crushed Symphony candy bars. It was a special night that was easy to plan.