Oct 21, 2009

David & Goliath

I have looked at this rock often over the past couple of years as I keep it near me. I love it. For Standards Night, I led a discussion about David & Goliath. The faith of David was amazing... the faith he had in the Lord and his braveness. He must have so carefully picked out his stones that he would take into battle. Afterwards, the girls picked out their rock (I brought FREE from the field by our home) and using rub-ons, wrote the area of the gospel they wanted to spend time strengthening. We modge podged them with a matte finish afterwards. It was a wonderful evening spent in quiet reflection for each of us. I have noticed that most of the girls have kept their rocks through the years... a good sign that they liked them. Many of you have emailed me for the discussion outline and I have placed it below. The key is to keep it open as a discussion that involves the kids. They can often teach each other better then we can. Feel free to pick and choose what you use and make it your own. This would be good for the YM and family too!
Take care
David & Goliath
A Standards Night Discussion with the Young Women
by Brenda Birrell

I want to talk to you for just a few minutes about Standards Night
Why do we have Standard’s Night?

When I started to think about Standards Night, the thought of listing the standards of youth seemed so repetitive. Important but repetitive. Have we read them? Do we know what they are? Do we keep our booklet handy? Do we feel they are written for each of us?

Instead of focusing on what they are, tonight the Laurels want to share their feelings on why we have them.

Because it’s the WHY that brings purpose to the Standards of Youth. I don’t know about you, but when I understand the thoughts and reasons behind a principle, it is often easier and even a privilege to follow.

Have each Laurel ( or youth) take turns speaking about an area in the Standards of Youth that has been a struggle, but they or a friend have gained strength in as they have worked on it. Something they feel comfortable sharing, from the heart.

In Elder Holland’s talk, he spoke about the reason’s why President Hinckley does the things he does for us… he loves us.
Why do the all of our church leaders do what they do? They love us.
Why do our parents do what they do? They love us.
Why did / does Heavenly Father do what He did? He loves us.
Why did / does our brother Jesus Christ do what He did? He loves us.
They love us. Just as we are.

Why do you think we were given the Strength of Youth guidelines? Why do you think it is so important to follow them? To keep the Lord’s spirit with us.

And as Elder Holland said, we won’t make it through life without it… not a life filled with peace and joy. Deep faith that can strengthen us through life’s hard times that are sure to come.
The Strength of Youth is for all of us…young and old. When you are no longer in Young Women’s you will take this values with you and continue to work on them. Some you will find easy to follow, others are more difficult.

Let’s talk about David & Goliath for a few minutes…
David was a young man, probably about the size of __ (pick a young man in your ward)
How tall do you think Goliath was? 10 feet tallish

When David went to fight Goliath he was prepared. How was he prepared?
He had the spirit of God with him. He prayed. He KNEW God.
He was good. I am sure he probably made his share of mistakes, but repented along the way.
He carefully chose five of the best stones. He didn’t just randomly pick them.
He didn’t just take one stone. He had a backup plan with five
He was confident. The scriptures tell us he was very skilled.
He removed the armour that was put upon him by Saul, “I cannot go with these; for I have not proved them” Why?

We talk a lot about David and Goliath. A young man fighting a giant of a man. A young man going into battle.

I am here tonight to let you know we are each fighting giants. The Goliaths we fight today are different than David’s. Take a look around you… at each young woman and leader. We each have giants we are fighting, though they are often different for each of us. And sometimes they are the same, but we still feel alone in our problems as we fight our giants don’t we?

What are some of our giants?
Low self esteem
Movies, TV, Music
Afraid to be yourself
Family relationships
Being judgmental
Not being true to yourself
Being too busy
Dating / Chastity
Dressing immodestly

When confronted with a Goliath size problem… which way do we respond? How do we prepare for battle?
He’s too big to hit?
Or like David, is he too big to miss?

The only way David succeeded was because he had faith in the Lord. The Lord helped David and He will help us. How? Include him in our lives, pray continually, ponder, be thankful, read scriptures, follow the commandments, love one another and repent always.

The strength of Youth guidelines are like the stones that David picked up to fight Goliath..

Focus on giants you stumble.
Focus on God your Giants tumble.