Jun 1, 2010

The Move Next Door in St. George

We moved to the space next door in St. George this past weekend. After much planning and list making, we headed down midweek to begin painting and clearing out the old store. We love Wendy, our St. George manager and her upbeat, dig in attitude. It went much better then I could ever imagine and we appreciate all the help we received. Larry & the girls, Ransom, Maria & Jared, Charles, St. George store girls... It's true, many hands make light work and many memories. Thank you so much!!! As I looked around the past 3 days, I kept thinking about the industrious ANT as I would see everyone busy on their area... some painting, screwing in grid, arranging & displaying, carrying product over from next door (sometimes a full grid at a time), making signs, running errands, watching kids, wiping down shelves, figuring out wiring and before we knew it, everything came together and the move was complete. I am LOVING the feel of the new store! We invite you to come visit soon... please let us know what you think of it :)

With this project complete and a couple more that are in the works, We looking forward to concentrating on new product lines & services. Thanks for your patience and support... We appreciate you!
Take care, Brenda


linda said...

I just shopped in the new St. George store on Monday while I was on vacation. It's a beautiful, well designed and cheerful place to shop!

Birrell Family said...

Thank you so much! We absolutely love the new store. Thank you for stopping by :)