Nov 10, 2010

November 10: Thankful Tree Leaves

My first favorite idea are the thankful tree leaves that are perfect for a centerpiece on your table. Write your name on one side of the leaf and what you are grateful for on the other side. Hang with natural twine on a tree branch... I pruned my daughter Ashlee's tree and secured the branches in a jar with little pebbles. This idea is simple, affordable and most importantly, it gets you to count your blessings... start filling up your tree today! I hope you enjoyed your day,


Max said...

The link won't work. Anyway to fix it? Thanks.

Birrell Family said...

This product is not on the website any longer. You can call the store 801.226.2632 and we can quickly mail the same leaves directly to you for a minimal cost. It is a wonderful thankfulness tree. Hope this helps and thank you!