Dec 7, 2010

December 7: A Night in Bethlehem

'Life Changing' is what I have heard about this Christmas program and we are very much looking forward to going this year. Perfect for our families and a much needed lift knowing that He is the reason for everything. If you live in my area, try to make arrangements to come. If you live in another area, try finding a special Christmas program near you...

Here are the details:
Night in Bethlehem is a Christmas experience unlike any other. As a participant, you come dressed in time-period costumes, and enter a tent which re-creates what the city of Bethlehem might have been like. You will have the opportunity to "pay" your taxes, interact with merchants, and sample simple foods. You will hear what the people of Bethlehem might have been saying that special night so long ago. You will see the inn, and watch the sweet young couple, desperate for accommodations, be turned away. You will share the innkeeper's concern, as he directs Joseph and Mary to a nearby stable, where they may find shelter, warmth, and privacy. You will see the shepherds, and experience the joy they did, as everyone witnesses the appearance of a heavenly messenger, bearing the wonderful news that Christ the Savior is born. Lastly, you will see Mary and Joseph and the newborn babe in the stable, witness the gifts of the wise men, and feel the true reason for Christmas, in a way you never have before.


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