Jan 12, 2011

Heart Flower Bouquet

Today I woke up thinking I would start an exercise program and instead made a bouquet of hearts. I guess I got side tracked... I easily do. Oh! Heart be still when you make this endearing flower bouquet... I like how these petals seem to flutter! I think flowers are quickly becoming my new 'favorite' to create and I'm just getting started. I still need to make time for exercising though.

There is nothing quite like a good haircut is there? People grow their hair out to cut it off or cut it off only to grow it out again... go figure! my daughter Abby LOVES it and can now donate 10+ inches to Locks of Love to go towards making wigs for sick children... a very good cause for any of you with long hair. We walked through the neighborhood on our way home and I just mentioned that it felt good to exercise. She laughed kindly and told me that this was called living an 'active lifestyle', it certainly could not be called exercising! I have promised to be her exercise partner and I think she looks beautiful!!!
Take care, Brenda

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Abby, Conrad & Phoebe