Jul 7, 2011

Paper Blossom Bouquet Tutorial

Supplies Needed:
Printed cardstock-weight paper
Green wrapped wires
Hot glue gun
White vase

Step 1:
Cut out 2 of each size flower: 2½”, 3”, 3½”

Step 2:
Carefully pull the cardstock weight printed paper apart to create two thinner sheets. Start by pulling two petals apart toward the center and then peel the rest off in one slow movement. This technique helps create a more real looking blossom.

Step 3:
Fold the petals in half and staple together as show
n. Fold one of the 2½” petals into fourths and staple as shown.

Step 4:
Crinkle the petals in your hand

Step 5:
Carefully open up the petals

[steps 1-5]

Step 6:
Set aside one 3½” petal for later. Adhere the remaining 3½” peta
ls together using hot glue, ending with the smallest triangle petal on top. Press together firmly.

Step 7:
Bend the ½” end of your green wire into a ninety degree angle. Poke the remaining 3½” petal in the center from behind with the angled green wire.

Step 8:
Adhere the bent ½” portion of the green wire flat onto the back of the stack of petals using hot glue
. Make sure the green wire stays perpendicular to the flower to act as a stem. Thread the remaining 3½” petal onto the back of the flower to secure and hide the green wire. Hold securely until hot glue is firm.

Step 9:
Your blossom will look flat and crushed, but no worries…

[steps 6-9]

Step 10:
Begin to pull the petals toward the center and your blossom will be perfect! Cut the wire to the appropriate length for your vase.

You can skip the wire steps if you would like your blossom to be used without a wire. In this case, just glue the remaining petal onto the back like the others. You can also add Stickles or glitter to the edges and a rhinestone in the center if you wish for extra sparkle.