Nov 8, 2011

pumpkin treat boxes

Hi Friends-

I think of anything fall that I have ever created, these little Paper Pumpkin Boxes have got to be one of my favorites. When you hold it in the palm of your hand you feel like you are holding a treasure... put a favorite candy or gift inside and use them as a place setting on your Thanksgiving table or even as a little take home gift...

Have a wonderful day!



Julie said...


jwarner said...

How do you put it together? What is the stem made of? Etc. Where can I find this information? Quick!

Birrell Family said...

Bend the creases of the pumpkin and gently push the bottom up, so the pumpkin can sit flat. Use double stick tape on the tab to secure.

The stem is made of a 10" piece of brown ribbon.
Tie a half knot on one end and thread through the other end through the pumpkin holes in a clockwise order. Before you finish threading through the last hole, fill with your favorite treat. Push the pumpkin top down and arrange. Add the green top. Push down and tie a half knot on this end also. Trim ribbon.

I hope this helps... please let me know if I can help you further. Good luck!