Nov 10, 2011

vintage style spool ornament

Hi Friends-
The box arrived today. I know it sounds shallow, but my heart is skipping a beat... must be love! I ordered a few new trees for Pebbles this year. A traditional style, a woodsy style and a vintage style feather tree. The feather tree came today. I am in LOVE with the simpleness of the feather tree... The holiday season is in full swing here at Pebbles as we work on Thanksgiving and Christmas creativity. This year you can look forward to both traditional and vintage style projects and kits... each day we make something new to share to share with you.

Our Vintage Spool Ornament Kits are being assembled as I write this blog. Oh my sweetness! They are filled with such vintage charm that you will find yourself falling in love with them over and over again... sometimes I like to just hold them in my hand. Have you noticed that adding glitter makes everything feel [a lot] more special? Hope this tutorial we created below will give you a starting place for your holiday paper crafting ornaments.
Have a wonderful Friday!
Vintage Spool Tutorial:
Gather your supplies: antiqued wooden spool in your favorite size, 1/4" strip of your favorite sheet of music (include printed notes), dictionary or printed paper, distressing ink or spray, 2 coordinating buttons that fit within the spool end, 8" coordinating bakers twine, 5mm red pom pom, 2 small textured cardstock holly leaves, hot glue gun and favorite white glue [2] Age the paper strip [3] Wrap the paper strip around the spool, securing both ends with a small dab of white craft glue [4] Thread baker's twine through the two holes of one button and pull both strings through bottom end of spool [5] Thread one of the bakers twine threads through two holes on the button as shown. Tie ends of twine together & trim [6] Pull knot in the bakers twine into the center of the spool as shown [7] Pull the bakers twine on the top button evenly up and secure buttons with a small dab of hot glue to the spool as shown [8] Add a small, neat dab of hot glue and arrange the holly leaves as shown. Secure the pom pom with white glue. Add silver Stickles to the rim edge of the spool and let dry.


The Ashtons said...

I love these, and the holly garland, and the sparkle ornaments!! Brenda, you never disappoint!