Dec 1, 2011

merry christmas countdown

Let the countdown to Christmas begin! The joy of Christmas comes from doing little things each day as a family and for others. We have done our best to capture the activities that will bring the Christmas spirit into your home… with simple & affordable ideas. Have a better idea for an activity? Simply replace one of our ideas with yours. (Leave your idea on this blog so we can gather ideas too!)

Perfect for families with children young or old… Jump in on December first or start mid month on the fun... this is a countdown banner you will look forward to hanging up each year!

* Read your favorite Christmas book together and snuggle

* Walk or drive around to see the Christmas lights

* Make your favorite Christmas cookies or treat

* Do an act of service together

* Sing & dance to Christmas music

* Donate your gently used items to a favorite charity

* Write a letter to someone you love and tell them how you feel about them

* Read the Christmas Story from the scriptures

* Listen to Christmas music and make a big family breakfast

* Secretly do something kind for someone in your family

* Stay home tonight and have a famlly game night

* Make a treat and visit a neighbor

* Go shopping for a gift on an angel tree or charity

* Decorate your Christmas tree listening to Christmas music

* Decorate sugar cookies or a gingerbread house

* Have a pajama day and everyone stay home!

* Write your letters to Santa

* Have a family backwards dinner... wear your clothes backwards and eat dessert first!

* Take non-perishable food to your local food pantry

* Make Christmas ornaments together

* Make dinner together, light a candle and set the table pretty

* Invite a family over for dinner

* Make simple friend and teach gifts and pass them out

* Watch a favorite Christmas movie together with popcorn and snuggle

* Kids choice! What would you like to do today?


The Lummus Family said...

Can we buy these preassembled?

Birrell Family said...

All the supplies are available in the store now. They will be available as a kit in a few days in the store and online... we are late in this banner and thought bout doing next year, but thought it was too cute to pass up... whether you start on Dec 1st or 15th... it is a banner you will love each year. I especially love the activities we included.

Mandi Roth said...

Can we buy this?? It's way cute! email me please...

Birrell Family said...

Hi Mandi-
The kit should be online and in the stores this afternoon. The supplies are already available separately in the stores now. I know we were late to get it ready, but it really is something you will look forward to displaying and using each year. Jump in and start!
Thank you!