Mar 28, 2012

new! doodlebug hello spring

Dear Friends,
Hello Spring! Brought to all of us by Doodlebug. Doodlebug is special to me for several reasons. First, I love Cynthea, the owner and many of the people that work there. They are good people and they love what they do. Years ago, I remember the first time they created papers and how colorful they were and how perfectly simple the designs. They make me smile. Did you know that Doodlebug is the ONLY company that stays true to their color pallet? Product that you purchased 5 years ago will still coordinate perfectly with all that is created now. Get it all out and start creating!

Years ago when my daughter Katie was younger, she would help divide product from the manufacturers into three piles: Orem, SLC and St. George. When it came to dividing up Doodlebug, she would create a fourth pile... Orem, SLC, St. George and Katie. She was and still is a Doodlebug lover ... but then, we all are.

Have a wonderful day and come pick up your Doodlebug Happy Spring Product while it lasts  [in store and online].

For Hello Spring creative ideas, try following Doodlebug's Pinterest board here