Aug 13, 2012

new website

Have you ever received news where all you could do was sit and gaze off in space, and when something would finally come out, it was a maddening sound that came out more like swear words?[because they were]. These last two weeks have been a busy blur for us here at Pebbles in my Pocket. Our website host / backend crashed and we lost nearly everything on our website. Panic first and then we rolled up our sleeves. No choice, though throwing the blankets over my head with chocolate in hand sounded more appealing. Truth be told, my girls are the ones that put all the images on while I focused on Halloween creativity. My nervousness drove them crazy. I can understand that. Thank you Ashlee, Lindsey, Katie and Kelsie!!!

We have much to add, but overall it is coming along nicely and is ready to go for you... Take a look around and let us know how you like it :)

Thank you!