Oct 24, 2012

this week at pebbles october 22-29

Good morning! 
On these fall stormy days don't you just want to stay home in your pjs and putter... maybe curl up with a good book and a handful of MM's? Doesn't matter how much I love what I do... my heart is always home. I feel blessed that I live a quick 5 minutes away from Pebbles.

Today, I am working on Christmas Creativity for Kits, but have Fall in my heart. Always have. The colors, the message of thankfulness... everything! Of all the seasons, fall for me is the most wonderful season to create for, followed by Love / Valentines. Today however, I must focus on Christmas and have ideas in my head to work on... they should be ready soon. I will be in touch!
Take care,

This week at Pebbles:
50% off AC Adhesives (think the red tape... perfect for all paper crafts)
and not one but TWO 30% off coupons