Apr 26, 2013

airplane banner tutorial

Check out how easy the airplane banner is to assemble.  We like to keep things easy around here.  That way you can create and enjoy the party!  Of course, we will are happy to do the work for you.  All of our kits can be purchased pre-made.  It's just like having your cake and eating it too!  Who doesn't want that?

Here are the steps: Tie a loop at one end of string. Tie a knot 3 inches below loop. Thread string through hole of a propeller, pulling it down to knot. Score and fold 2 airplanes in half. Match and glue together bottom folded halves. Place string in center of plane, making sure that propeller is against the nose, as shown above. Spread glue on string and open sides of plane. Place third die-cut on top, matching sides. Press to secure. Bend wings to shape. Repeat steps to construct all planes along string. Tie another loop at the other end of string.