May 2, 2013

Blossom Garland Tutorial

Our Blossom garland is really this easy to assemble!  I did it with only one helper, and it cut my time in half (and I had a lot more fun).  However, if you happen to be short on time or helpers, we are happy to make it for you.  Check out our pre-made price here.
To assemble, simply stick an adhesive square in center of one blossom. Place another blossom on top, matching sides, as shown. Repeat this step until all blossoms are paired up.  Next, thread a large crafting needle with the bakers twine. Once threaded, push needle through the center hole of each blossom until all are threaded onto twine. Tie loops at the ends of twine. Separate and space all blossoms evenly along twine. Gently fold pedals of blossoms outward to shape.