Jul 16, 2013

radmomcoolkid.com store review :)

I love when we delight someone that comes into Pebbles and they help spread the news of our little shop. Sadly, there are very few specialty paper crafting stores left and I am grateful for each and everyone one of our customers that come shop. Thank you Briton, from Rad Mom Cool Kid Blog... it was very nice to meet you and now, you can get to know Briton here and read our review... cute blog! Please tell her Hi from Pebbles :)


beckyjune said...

that's so fun!

Lisa said...

How I wish we had a store like this in our town. Come to California Ü

Lisa said...

How I wish we had this store in our Town.
Come to California Ü

Briton Alo said...

Thank you!! I do love the store- I've already been back!