Jul 7, 2013

vintage apple boxes

There are a many things that can make my heart skip a beat... holding hands and snuggling, a good Hallmark movie, being by water, a fall day and now these vintage apple boxes that I have found. One of those things that if 24 is good, 100 is better and surely they are! They make perfect sturdy shelving for your fabric, crafts, books, toys, clothes, odds and ends of all kinds... in a craft room, bathroom, family room, bedroom or kitchen. Tuck them in a closet or leave them out for display. You will fall in love with each imperfectly perfect box. 12" x 19", 10.25" deep. $12 each or 3 for $30 at the Orem store while supplies last :)


beckyjune said...

Those boxes are fabulous! It makes me wish we were going through Utah this summer.