Aug 29, 2013

Just A Little Batty

I don't know about you, but sometimes (just to keep my sanity), I need decor that is "easy up...easy down".  You know what I mean.  Decor that will bring in just the right atmosphere, something whimsical and unique, that I don't have to spend half a day assembling and creating.  I love stuff like that.  Was this thought the genesis for my creation of these clothespins bats?  Who knows.  The idea isn't new...but it's definitely the paper that gives them their charm.
I think these little guys could be hung just about anywhere: a homemade Halloween tree, indoor plants, lamp shades, mantel pieces, in the hair of a random grandchild (never mind).  I think you get the picture.  "Easy up...easy down". Love it!

  • Easy to assemble kit to be found here
  • Save time and let us assemble the kit for you is found here
  • Printed paper from Thirty One Collection found here
  • Download this pattern on Silhouette here
  • Find links to all crafting supplies here


karahoward said...

Sometimes I avoid putting up decorations because it's such a pain to put up and take down. These are such a cute and easy idea. Thanks!!!