Aug 26, 2013

Owl Pillow Box Tutorial

Finally!  Live, in color, and well worth the wait, don't you think?  See how easy this little guy is to assemble?  A simple 6 step, 20 minute project (including drying time ;)).  What I love the most about this owl is the Halloween paper he is made from.  Pebbles Inc's Thirty One collection has so many darling, two-sided choices!
You can either let us do the work for you, and purchase as a pre-made set, or, if you like to do things yourself, you can purchase them as a DIY Kit.  However, for those REALLY creative folks out there, who like to add there own little flair to a project (like me), check out the actual collection choices. Finally, for those with a Silhouette, you can purchase them here as well.
So, here are the 6 simple steps:
1.  Gather supplies (see here for details)
2.  Bend die-cuts along score lines and fluff out feathers
3.  Place a strip of strong double stick tape to the box lip and assemble as shown
4.  Fold in box sides, making sure to fold notched side in first on both ends
5.  Assemble face pieces as shown with white craft glue
6.  Fluff dictionary print outer eyes up
7.  Fill with favorite treats
Okay!  That was 7 steps...but does the last one really count?  Can't wait to share with you our next creation.