Oct 16, 2013

Putting It Together : Halloween

I frequently hear customers in my store say things like: "I love the way you put things together" or "You have such cute things...I wish I knew how to use them all!" or "These banners are so cute, but where would I put them?" Today's blog is dedicated to answering some of these questions and help you put something fabulous together.  And because it is October, I'm only going to focus on Halloween.

Kids Halloween Party : Spider Theme
Little kids are usually afraid of spiders.  However, all of my spider creations are too cute to spook. I can see a child's party table decorated with soda pop bottles, Spider Straws, and either these Spider Treat Cups or Spider Pillow Boxes. Above the table, our Spider Garland is spookily draped. It is always best to accent your table with festive colors of the season. Imitation spider webs would add a nice touch as well. If you want a little more variety and color,  replace the pillow boxes or cups with our whimsical Halloween Treat Boxes, shown below.

Friend Gathering : Casual
These 3 decorations are some of my favorite! Imagine a table set for a nice friend luncheon. What's on the menu? Pumpkin soup!  An Owl Pillow Box is set at each place...a gift for each guest. In the center of the table is a spooky branch arrangement in a vase. The branches have been spray-painted black and decorated with our Clothespins Bats. Overhead our stylish Halloween Dot Garland has been carefully hung.

Of course, we have many many more Halloween Creations to offer.  You can check them all out here. And, don't forget to let me know if this post was helpful!

Your turn  |  How have you used our Halloween decorations?