Oct 9, 2013

Thanksgiving : Fall Utensil Pockets

Just created a fun new addition for your Thanksgiving table! I made these utensil pockets from some of our beautifully printed card stock. Each kit contains all the materials for 9 pockets (utensils not included).  Of course, if you need to save time, they are also available pre-made. Consider pairing with our Scalloped Pumpkin Place cards or our Thanksgiving Dictionary Banner to complete the look.
Fall Utensil Pockets  |  Kit     Pre-Made

What are some of your Thanksgiving table traditions?


TJ Butler said...

Wow - this looks fabulous - I want some of them on my table! We always spend time after dinner and before pie writing down what we are thankful for and taking a quick snapshot to go with the thankful list in their scrapbook!!

Birrell Family said...

What a great idea TJ. I may have to add this to our traditions. Thanks for sharing!