Nov 6, 2013

Christmas : Utensil Pockets

Because our Fall Utensil Pockets were such a hit, I had to carry the idea over into the holidays. Crafted from our beautifully printed Christmas cardstock, these unique utensil pockets make a cheery addition to any holiday table setting.
Kits include everything you see, with the exception of the utensils.  Here, I've used our heavy weight wooden utensils. These pockets are big enough, however, to accommodate just about any standard sized utensils. Personally, I like the wooden ones. They are more casual and make for an easy clean-up!

Christmas Utensil Pockets  |  KIT     Pre-made

What are some of your Christmas table traditions?


Bellenza Wedding Bistro said...

So clever...and so cute!

Birrell Family said...

Thank you!