Dec 3, 2013

Holly Berries and Peppermint : Garlands

This morning I am so excited to share with you two of our latest Christmas creations. First, our Holly Berry garland has a crafty feel with a fun and refreshing color pallet. It measures 16 feet long and comes with holly leaves made from green, light green, small and large polka dot cardstock (not shown in this picture).
Second, our peppermint garland. At 20 feet, it drapes easily around a tree, mantel, or even light fixtures. Its' small circles give it a dainty feel, which compliments other decor without being gaudy. It also layers beautifully. 
Can you believe that it is already December 3rd? Have you started counting down they days yet? I've decided to wait for it to snow. For me, it just doesn't feel like Christmas without it! So, here I sit, stuck in a holiday twilight zone...Hurry Up Snow! :)

Holly Berry Garland  |  KIT    Pre-made    Silhouette
Peppermint Garland  |  KIT    Pre-made 

How have you used our garlands?