Jan 30, 2014

Love is in the air... but Spring is around the corner

Woke up to snow... always lifts my heart in the winter. Everytime. If it's cold, we may as well have snow. It's light and fluffy. Downside, it does keep many home and away from Pebbles.

I know your minds are on Valentines and love at this time of year. Mine is now on Easter / Spring.  I have to stay one step ahead of the seasons (not always easy to do). Yesterday was my deadline to have our Easter / Wood designs completed and as usual, I gave myself the death penalty if I failed. It usually has to be something a bit drastic like that to get me through a late night. This morning I have a stack of designs I love, am a bit tired, but a stay of execution. I will live to see another day. Feels good. They should start coming into the store and online within a week or so... you will be the first to know.  Paper designs and kits begin today!!!

Meanwhile, our store is filled with some of the prettiest Valentine paper  and kits we have ever had... while supplies last for your day of love. Live away? Ashlee has gathered all Valentines together and you will find everything here to make your day extra special.

Have a wonderful day!