Jan 21, 2014

New LOVE Wood Projects

Today, I am happy to show you some of our new LOVE Wood projects that are available in the store and also online here. You can buy them as a kit, or if you wish the unfinished wood. I love this season of LOVE. Each project is very easy and is guaranteed to make you happy. If you love this Pebbles Inc. paper, you can find it at Pebbles and online here. It is my favorite paper this Valentine season.

I would have to admit that being a small business owner is a juggle... seems there are always projects to create, product to order in, a store to clean, employee hours to oversee, creative displays to create and bills to pay. Most days, things go smoothly. Thank goodness for Ashlee and the girls at the store. Other days, like lately, it feels that I am dropping a lot of things and they are falling on the floor in a shattered mess. Hmmm. I know somewhere in my head that tomorrow or the next day is always a better day and my struggle lately may come from the fact that I am also beginning to plan a wedding and this is day 6 of my eating healthy (yes again.) I think over the past 20 years I have lost and gained the equivalent of a bus load of kindergarteners and That may be an overstatement, but today it doesn't feel like it.  Anyway, back to small business owners. If you see one today, give them your best smile and a thank you. Sometimes we just need it, until tomorrow comes.

Hope your day is a good one!


wendyb said...

I LOVE your store! And you do a FANTASTIC job! Everytime I come in you are so pleasant and happy. It just gives me an extra 'spark' to brighten my day. You make a difference! Thanks!

Birrell Family said...

Thank you Wendy. I needed this today. I really do love what I do, just felled buried at times. We all do :)

Jennifer said...

These are too cute!!