Mar 2, 2014

A wedding this week

Where to begin? It does feel like life has stopped for a bit as we prepare for this upcoming wedding. 
I thought I would share them with you as we go along this week. My  dreams of a balanced life flew out the window when Kelsie said 'I do' to Josh or her JB as she calls him. Five and a half years of dating should have prepared me that this day would come, but it feels like it is suddenly here and there is much to do. Life lately is filled with thrift store shopping,  addressing announcements, looking though pictures and missing the days when the girls were all home, wedding showers and enjoying our last days with Kelsie in our home before she begins her life with Josh. Many of you have followed along with us, but for those who haven't, I thought I would share this week with you... 

Josh got home from his mission end of November. While he was gone, Kelsie graduated as an RN. Feelings can change during a two year separation of a mission, but these two hit the ground running.

 Welcoming Josh home from his 2 year LDS mission to South Africa

Kelsie and Josh... together again

He asked and she said yes in December