Mar 11, 2014

Wedding Day of Kelsie & Josh

I am learning to enjoy the moment. Thank you for your patience as we worked on the wedding for Kelsie. They have happily gone off on their honeymoon and have begun their life together. My mind will once again turn towards catching up on the creativity at Pebbles. Here are some of the details we created for the reception. With the help of my family, I thought it turned out beautiful!

For the reception we spent our time thrift storing for just about everything... oh! the thrill of the hunt. We gathered a variety of silver metal trays at the thrift store and spray painted them with an antique brass finish. Kelsie picked out her favorite plates and we E6000 them together onto glass goblets. I think one of my favorite projects was dipping the assorted glasses into white latex paint. We picked out a bunch of 5x7 and 8x10 frames for the tables and also larger ones for display and spray painted them cream. Abby and Ashlee dipped wooden tongue depressors into acrylic paint for the sign in table, guests will write a dating idea onto the stick. I was delighted to find chalk markers for the blackboards that were so much easier to use then regular chalk. Kelsie does not like roses. She loves peonies, so I ordered garden roses. The Jam Tart Sweetheart Garden Roses took my breath away and opened up to resemble peonies perfectly. We ordered them online at  We hung white lights and white banners. Doughnuts were ordered from Banbury Crosse in SLC. I will post a few more pictures, once they come back.