Apr 22, 2014

Downloadables on their way!

Ugh! In my efforts to separate our website from our blog, I realize that I clicked the wrong button. Yep. No one can even get to our website. Imagine that. Even worse... I am not even sure how to fix it. But, I know several who hopefully can. My plan is to separate them and we will tweak our wings on the way done in the coming weeks and fill in the spaces.

I am finally jumping into the digital download world and we will now be able to offer you our designs as SVG cutting files for .99 each and also our printing files as downloadable jpgs for $3.99. You can pick, pay and download without leaving your home and you probably know what that means... you can have a pajama day and stay home all day.

I thought I would show you a few I have been working on... there will be many more. I will spotlight the new designs on the blog each week just for you. As soon as the blog is working... hopefully tomorrow I will link you to it from here.

Meanwhile, call the store 801.226.2632 if you need anything shipped quickly or have questions about your order... or these dandy little die cuts.

And start commenting with your wish list of die cuts for me to create!
Take care,