Oct 20, 2014

Falling for my Favorite Time of the Year

I am officially in love with Fall. I look forward to it all year long and I ache when the last leaf drops. The cool nights, the layered sweater days, the hot cocoa and chicken pot pies... The nesting begins. We have already eaten two pumpkin pies and I am sure there are plenty more on the way. Yum! We have added more fall banners to celebrate my favorite season... they are especially wonderful when paired up with simple garlands and layered together and will look beautiful in your home... they are now available as pre made banners (yes. We do the assembly for you) or easy to create Kits, that include everything needed to make the sample shown. You pick.

I am in Tennesee this week visiting my sister Becky and wish I could make time stand still... or find a way to make our worlds closer. I feel blessed that we hold each other's hearts and that is what matters most.  I have 5 daughters. She has 3 sons. She is my country mouse sister and I am the city mouse that longs for the country and my sister. Two worlds, one heart.

Hope you have a wonderful fall week...