Apr 26, 2015

Best Apron Pattern Ever and New Beginnings...

I just got back from the Snap Creative Blogging Conference in SLC, created by Tauni Everett and my head is near bursting with too many things in it. It was a wonderful refilling time as I was able to attend classes on social media and listen to keynote speakers David Tutera,  A Beautiful Mess and Heidi Swapp. It was nice to meet and learn from so many good women. Thank you Tauni.

Sometimes we move forward knowing what we want and other times it's by knowing what we don't want that gives us a clear picture of our direction. My family is my greatest joy and they hold my heart. Pebbles in my Pocket has been with me for 23 years now and I love the world of Memory Keeping and Paper Crafts, but there are also many other things that make my heart skip a bit and these are things I would like to begin sharing with you, along with plenty of paper crafting projects too of course.

At Christmas time, I like to give a thoughtful homemade gift for my girls. This past Christmas, I thought I would make them each two aprons. One to keep in their homes and the other to stay home for cooking time together. They live close by and the kitchen is probably our favorite place to be. Together. I took them shopping to pick out their favorite material without telling them what it was for... secrets are especially fun at Christmastime aren't they? I made my Tennessee sister Becky aprons too and keep one here for her. She doesn't seem too far away. I like to see them all hanging side by side and it makes my heart smile. The no frills pattern I fell in love with can be found here . I played with the measurements to fit a smaller and larger size person and made a quick practice one out of scrap material. I found a cool old rake to hang them up on at the Treasures Antique Mall in Springville Utah (plan on spending a few hours).

Tuck this idea away for loved ones... it's a keeper

Lindsey, Abby, Kelsie, Katie and Abby


auntiejenni said...

thank you for the pattern! i hope i can pull this one off...the instructions, or what there were of them, were hysterical once i translated them. you have to know that i love your store...being going there for ages whenever i get to utah. going there is one of the first things i do whenever i get to orem, which sadly isn't often enough. i am leaving tomorrow morning and should show up at your shop there sometime this week and again before i leave. thank you for years of inspiration.