Dec 23, 2015

Max and Maggie are here

The twins arrived earlier then expected for Ashlee and Paul on December 17, 2016 (34 weeks). She was admitted into the hospital to be watched over for pre-eclampsia, but the next day started labor on her own. Maggie struggled with every contraction, so they quickly took her in for a C-section. Everything happened so fast and we are so grateful that Ashlee and the babies are safe and doing good. They will be in the NICU for several weeks.

Life at Pebbles without Ashlee and Jack is different. I already miss Jack fixing things with his little tool box. We are a small family business and Katie is now doing a great job purchasing. Lindsey will work on our website and both she and Abby will help merchandise. Colette will be our working manager. Ashlee will take on responsibilities when she is ready, but we know she has her hands full. I love my family (employees too) and appreciate their help!

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers for our family. We appreciate you!



BrendaB said...

Such beautiful babies! Congratulations on the new additions, and prayers that they grow strong. Thank goodness for awesome NICU units.