May 21, 2008

David vs David

This has been the BEST American Idol season in history!!! After weeks of voting and and sharing our thoughts with everyone it has finally come down to our two David's. We celebrated at Pebbles with Taco Salad and our sweet David Archuletta cake. Yummy! While we are all torn here at Pebbles over who we like and who will win, I just have to say that there is just something good & wholesome about our Utah David Archuletta! Isn't it funny how we of no musical talent can spend a whole season having so many opinions of who is best & who should be kicked off? Tonight promises to be exciting!!! I will keep my fingers crossed XXX.



Lindsay said...

josh! what were you thinking???

pebblesinmypocketblog said...

Hey! Is that guy in the sweater ok?