May 30, 2008

Girls Camp Craft Ideas

Girls Camp All About Me Tin

Girls Camp T-Shirt

Quick, easy & affordable craft ideas that are perfect for girls camp. We invite you into the Utah stores for a closer look at these wonderful ideas! For those that live outside out Utah store areas, please leave us questions on this blog and we will be happy to supply the information.
Take care and Happy Camping!!!



YockeyFamily said...

These are great ideas!! Do you have patterns/instructions for them??? If so, how do I obtain them? I live in Oregon, so don't have access to a Pebbles In My Pocket store.
Thanks for the creative ideas!

Julie said...

Hi, I'm excited to hear that you're interested in our Girls Camp ideas. We don't currently have any patterns/instructions for them written up...but we would be more than happy to work on getting some for you...are there any projects in particular that you wanted specific instructions for?

kgarcia said...

I would to see the pages all done for the tins. I have just finished making the journals for the girls and boy are they cute. I can see you girls at camp holding them up, but is there a pattern or could I buy a kit at the SLC store? Any how bout the tins-we don't have tons of $ in our budget would love to see if we could get those too. Thanks for the ideas and the time and effort put into sharing with us all! Way fun ideas. Kathy in Kaysville

BlacklandPrairie said...

The journal is adorable. Do you know where I can purchase the young women values scrapbook paper? Can you buy it in bulk? Thanks!