Jun 30, 2008

Back Home From Girls Camp Mia Shalom

I made it back from our church Y/W Girls Camp and thought I would share our camp craft photos with you. My daughter Ashlee (Orem store manager) made up 'Top 10 About Me' kits from Pebbles and they turned out adorable!

Highlights of Girl Camp: Spending time with my daughters Ashlee, Kelsie & Abby (lucky me!), great camp leaders and young women, yummy meals, girl time, night time in our cabins talking, giggling and singing (harmonizing), making tootsie roll poopies and putting them in the toilets, stealing camp flags from other wards and mixing them up, hiking, time around the camp fire, testimony meeting, stargazing and canoeing on the lake... It was wonderful and we all came home very tired and dirty, but with big smiles on our faces!


Tootsie Roll floaties... I know the thought is disgusting, but it sure was fun!



Ahhh yes, this was the first year that I had to send TWO of my older daughters off to Girls Camp. They're little mini-me moms and my house about fell apart without them!

Oh, and the paper lei necklaces? I made those with my Sunbeam class a few years ago. I cut the flowers out of tissue paper and covered cut-up straws with tissue paper to make beads and then just helped them string it all on to make necklaces.

Kayleen said...

That is disgusting. Why would you put a picture like that onto a professional blog?? The jokes are fun and all but please, keep them to yourselves. NOT impressive.