Jun 23, 2008

Summer Kid's Craft: Frog Puppet June 30 to July 6

June 30- July 6

$.99 each

This fun frog puppet is cute with its retractable tongue. Sure to provide hours of fun! Ribbet, Ribbet!

Fold Meadow Circle Die Cut in half. Using Bright Red Paint, paint large popsicle stick red. Cut a slit the width of the large popsicle stick centered on the crease of the Meadow Circle Die Cut. This will make it so the large popsicle stick can move around. Cut around pieces on Meadow Pattern. Adhere the shorter legs centered on the backside of the rounded edge of the Meadow Die Cut. Adhere the longer legs on either side of the shorter legs. Adhere Small Black Circle Punches to the lower side of the White Circle Punches. Adhere White Circle Punches towards the rounded top of the Meadow Rectangle. Fold the straight side of the Meadow Rectangle at a ¼” and adhere on the top of the Meadow Circle Die Cut, towards the crease. Fold the Meadow Cardstock Strip into a rectangular box and adhere to the backside of the Circle Die Cut to put your finger through to hold the puppet.

*Supplies not included in kit:
-Pebbles Inc. Bright Red Paint
-Foam Brush


raising4boys said...

We came in and made these today and they turned out so cute! They are really durable. Thanks for the great summer crafts Pebbles :)

Archangel_Baw said...

OMG Julie that frog puppet is TOADILY CUTE! I posted a link to it on my blog, I don't know if you're still selling the kits but I know at LEAST 30+ Moms who would toadily flip over these:) Thank you for sharing:)

ululator said...

I know this was a very old post... but my grandson is crazy about frogs & would love this. Is there any way possible to obtain a template in downloadable PDF form? Thanks!

Birrell Family said...

We can send the pattern to you... probably can even fold it up and mail it to you in an envelope. Please call the Pebbles store and ask for Ashlee our manager
It really is so very cute and we are happy you like it!
Thank you!