Aug 15, 2008

Pebbles Happening: Inventory

Last month Pebbles in my Pocket conducted our annual store wide inventory. Our employees & their families & friends all came out to help us count all of our pattern paper & embellishments. (I still think my eyes cross when I think about all of the paper we counted.) Some of us used cell phones as calculators to help add everything together. I am still in awe about how smoothly everything went at each of the three stores and that we were actually able to go home and get some sleep before having to come back into work the next day!We went through oodles of post-it notes, pizza, diet coke & all kinds of other junk food. Here are some pictures of our amazing Pebbles Family at work!


The Jordans said...

Hello your guys. My name is Nicole and there is a picture of someone in this post. I believe it is my room mate from college. Ashley Oliver. If it is could you pass this along to her if you can. I would appreciate it. Thanks. Let me know if you either know her and can or if you don't and can't... A big Thanks in advance.