Sep 3, 2008

A Flood at Orem Pebbles

Ahhh! The residual odors of the basement flood at Pebbles over the weekend. We worked in it for most of the day. It smells like an old rancid washcloth that has been lying in your kitchen sink for one too many days... you know the smell? Our throats are scratchy, our tummies ache and we don't even know if our lunches tasted good or not. In fact it was so bad, Josh & Lindsay didn't even complain I had fish for lunch... usually they pick up on that one right away. Needless to say it was early out day here at Pebbles. We are all headed home and we pray it smells better by morning...
Lindsay, Brenda & Josh downstairs at Pebbles in Orem, Utah


Alicia King said...

ooh NO! I hope it didn't damage much!

scrappinhero said...

oopsie...hope the clean up goes well!


Birrell Family said...

I am happy to say that we are all dried out on our end and sweet smelling once again. The hazzards of having a business in an older home... But we love it here.
Have a good day! Brenda

Amy & Shane's Family Album said...

Awwwww--so sad gang! But it looks like you came out "smelling like a rose!" So glad you guys are okay!