Dec 10, 2008

Pebbles Christmas Party

Tonight we had the Pebbles in my Pocket Christmas party for our Orem store. Ashlee, as store manager, planned the party at our place where they could just hang out and be together. We had yummy Cafe Rio, decorated sugar cookies and played games. We know we are blessed to have such wonderfully dedicated employees who love Pebbles so much. We are thankful they are part of our Pebbles family and appreciate all they do. Thanks for your planning Ash!

Kelsie, Courtney, Stephanie, Natasha, Audrey P, Audrey S, Amy, Stacie, Ashlee, Conrad, Brenda, Maria, Katie & Danielle


marnie & brett talbot said...

Ashley, I see that you didn't bother to invite ex-warehouse workers!! I see, say no more!! jk

Natasha & Jacob said...

What a bunch of crafty geeks! Only craft store employees would have that much fun frosting cookies! Thanks Pebbles it was tons of fun!