Jan 24, 2009

CHA Set Up

We got up early and headed over to the convention center... a quick walk from our Hotel. I opened a package from Larry and was delighted to find chocolate covered strawberries! We love to stay at the Anabella. Call me an optimist, but I thought we would be done by 2pm and pictured an afternoon nap in my future. It was not to be. We worked through breakfast & lunch before finishing at 7:30pm and grabbing dinner. Ash & I took a quick, but expensive taxi ride over to Costco and picked up fresh flowers. It has been good to see my friends in this industry throughout the day. I have know them for many years. We accidently printed our bi-line as Gathering Life's Memories instead of Gathering Life's Moments. It's an oops that I don't think many will catch. We are quite tickled with our display this year. Tomorrow the show begins and one thing is for certain... we will be more tired tomorrow than we are today :)

Our #17 Bday is this weekend at Pebbles in my Pocket. Larry & the girls are working hard and keeping things going on their end. We sure love and appreciate our customers :)

I sure miss my family, though Larry is getting surprisingly good at texting which is fun.