Jan 28, 2009

CHA Tear Down

The CHA Show closed at 2pm and we quickly tore down and packed everything away in the crates. It has ended up being a good show for us and we made some good contacts to pursue when we get home. We paid a union guy $$ under the table to get our crate early... yes illegal payoffs are alive and well in the convention world... political world as well. Then off to the airport we went. We are sooo excited to go through the catalogs and pick out good things that will delight you!

While we were taking down the booth, Bonnie got a sliver in her finger and ended up going to the first aid station. They could not get it out and sent her on to the hospital emergency. She ended up having a 3/4" sliver that went through her knuckle to the other side of her finger and walked away with two stitches. Only Bonnie. Through the years on trips she has had blood poisoning, kidney stones, broken shoulder and more...

Top Left: 1) Brenda & Madison of Fancy Pants 2) Brenda & Ryann of Piggy Tales 3) Brenda & Carolee of Carolee's Creation 4) Brenda & Heather Downs 5) Brenda, Ash & Rick Gass of Cameo 6) Brenda, Bonnie, Josh, Lindsay, Annie & Craig of CREA
Top Left: 1) Bonnie with TP 2) Brenda & Deann of We Are Storytellers 3) Bonnie, Brenda & Mike Hessing of WR Memories 4) The tear down begins 5) Brenda & Kristia playing clothespin torture game while we waited for crate to come 6) Josh with velcro