Jan 27, 2009

CHA Day Three, Boredom Sets In

Today was the same kinda day as the day before... but good to see friends. I miss home & family. They are having slumber parties with their Dad. It has been so nice to have my daughter Ashlee with me (Orem store manager).

The pranks started today and I am sure they will carry into tomorrow as we keep ourselves entertained in a way unbecoming to a tradeshow. Why I don't feel something is hanging from my rear end is surprising to me.

On our way to dinner with Matt, we talked to the taxi driver about the different conventions and he filled us in on the convention scoop. He hates Utah and avoids it like the plague.
Best looking people: Natural Products Convention
Ugliest dressers: Nurses Convention
Most uptight: Helicopter Convention
Snootiest people: Doctors Convention
Most Alcohol consumed: Music Convention

We came back to our room and watched The Secret Life of Bees... a keeper of a movie :)
-BrendaTop Left: 1) Josh & Matt from Flexo One 2) Brenda, Sue & Sharee of Scrapbook Nook 3) Brenda & Ash 4) Brenda, Bonnie, Cynthea & Tonya of Doodlebug 5) Brenda, Leslie & Jennifer of Las Vegas 6) Ash & Josh
Top Left: 1) Brenda & Dennis Conforto of Scrapbooking.com 2) Brenda & Sophia of Strictly Scrapbooking 3) Brenda, Bonnie, Josh & Delanie of EK Success 4) Brenda & Josh 5) Lindsay & Bonnie 6) Brenda & Des Tanner