Oct 12, 2010

Day 12: Get Your Sparkle On!

Die Cuts + Glitter = SPARKLE!!! I started this morning and can't seem to stop :) You can turn an ordinary sheet of paper into pure specialness!

Simply draw designs on your die shapes with the tip of the white glue container, or use a toothpick. No worries... the glue will dry clear. No need to go clear to the edge... leave your fingertips a place to hold on to. Work fast, while the glue is still wet. Place the die cut over a sheet of paper (with a fold in the center) and sprinkle with glitter. Tap your design to remove the excess glitter on to paper and set aside to dry. Carefully pick up your paper by the sides and shake the glitter towards the center, in the fold and slide glitter back into the container for another day... Have fun getting your sparkle on! Find the glitter here or in stores.