Jan 29, 2011

Shopping for Pebbles in my Pocket

I left for downtown LA for the Craft & Hobby Show... the perfect place to go shopping for the latest fun crafty things to fill our shop with! Busy from the time I wake up until I fall asleep. I helped set up the booth for Pebbles Inc. and then I will be shopping for 3.5 days for Pebbles in my Pocket... In simplifying and focusing on the Orem store & website, I feel like I am a brand new buyer that has so much to see and learn. I gather a lot and feel overwhelmed, but I'm excited too. There is a lot that I like and I am looking forward to bringing many new things into Pebbles that will delight you! American Crafts is a good home for Pebbles. Our new lines from Pebbles Inc. will arrive this coming week... you will fall in love with them!