Feb 3, 2011

Better than a card!

Need a super cute idea for Valentine's Day? Here at Pebbles, our superstar employee Amy (who does a little of everything and is good at all of it) and I made these adorable little books for our husbands! I'll just be showcasing her's today since for one, mine is no where near as cute, and two, it's just not done. We'll give you a little snack of what is to come when we finish them.

The book, closed, is 4 1/4 x 5 1/2. Each page folded in half is half of an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of cardstock. We cut the inside pages down just a bit so the book would close nicely and also added some fun little extras to make it more entertaining and interactive for our guys. We all know they get distracted easily! :) We used Bakers Twine to hand stitch the binding. We thought about just sewing it but there were too many pages for the sewing machine needle to stitch through. Hand stitching was super easy (even though I broke one of Amy's needles!)

We will be filling the pages with fun little love notes, maybe a few love coupons, and pictures! Amy is going to set up a little photobooth at her home this weekend and make her husband take fun prop pictures with her. Don't you kind of want to be her?? She comes up with the best ideas!


Kim M. said...

LOVE it! Way better than a card. :) Great job, girls.

Birrell Family said...

Love the the colors and clean design, Beautiful job girls!