Feb 12, 2012

and the walls come tumbling down...

Take one step into Pebbles in my Pocket and you will quickly be aware that something is going on... the sounds of construction in the basement. Rest easy... Pebbles is staying put, but we are adding on!

Many of you may not even know that we have the same amount of space downstairs as we do upstairs. After much pondering, I have decided to place half of Pebbles for lease. We only use half of our 7,000sq ft. and the rest of the space sits empty. I signed this past week with a clothing boutique company 'House of Denim'. That's right... we will soon have a wonderful new boutique business join Pebbles under one roof [separate businesses though]. So the tear down and clearing out of the basement has begun. Oh my! How 20 years of business does pile up! Everyone in the family has pitched in and helped just as they always have through the years... the guys seemed to really like demolishing the walls. Together is a good place to be isn't it?

I am working hard at simplifying life... This is new to me as I talk a lot about it, yet have never been able to quite grasp it. It always feels just out of my reach. With Larry working at the hospital now, the kids with their growing families, grandkids & school something has to change. I have a lot of ideas floating in my head and I am excited for the future... check back here often :]