Sep 9, 2013

DIY : Basic Dictionary Pennant Memory Banner

I love pictures!  They create conversations, remind me of good times and fill my heart with gratitude. This is why I have been looking for a unique way to display my personal photos throughout the year.  I think I created just the thing.  It's called the Basic Dictionary Pennant Memory Banner.

The idea is pretty simple:  hang banner, decorate with photos and holiday themed items, enjoy!
Here is an example of it all gussied up for Halloween. 
The great thing about this banner is its' versatility.  It is both a yearlong decorative piece AND a revolving photo display!  Plus, all pictures and decorations are super easy to take down and replace! You will have as much fun creating it as people will looking at it.
All  holiday-themed "add-on" kits are sold separately (you provide the photos, of course).
Can't you see this banner being used as a photo display for just about any celebration? Birthdays, Fathers' Day, 4th of July, first day of school...what do you think would make a great memory banner "add-on" kit?
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