Sep 6, 2013

DIY : Halloween Treat Bag

In case you were wondering, there is exactly 54 days until Halloween.  If it is your favorite holiday, I am sure you knew that already.  If not...why not?  Halloween is one giant pretend party where everyone can dress up and be what they want, regardless of their age, with free treats for all!  What is not to like?
Speaking of treats, here is one of our newest little DIY goodie bags.  We call it our Halloween Treat Bag.  You can find it on our website here.  My favorite thing about this one is its' colors.  Still Halloween-ish, but with a touch of whimsy.  In this kit, the bags come pre-made.  So, the only thing I think you will need some guidance on is the bow.  Check out our tutorial below.
Assembly Instructions for Halloween Treat Bag
Fill bag with your favorite treat of gift.  Carefully place the 2 slits together on the bow cutout.
Push the center of bow fold inward.  Fold the top edge of bag over in the back, place folded doily on top, followed by the center of the bow.  Staple all layers together.
Attach rhinestone on top of bow for embellishment.
Make yourself a beautiful Halloween!