Sep 26, 2013

Giving Thanks...Giving Back

It is always heart-warming to be recognized.  I am often over-whelmed by the kind words of others. Because the blogger world is so huge, no one can make it without support. In the words of Maya Angelou, "Nobody, but nobody can make it here alone."  I agree!  Today, I am going to give back and highlight 3 wonderful bloggers who featured my products on their blogs this past year.

This is Kami, the girl who runs the blog favorite nobiggie.  She recently posted about many of our paper crafts for a Halloween party.  You can see it here.  Kami's blog is dedicated to all things that she loves: photography, paper crafting, cooking, decorating, thrifting, and her cute family.  She is refreshingly honest, sweet and funny!  You should definitely check her out!

This is Amy Hanks, founder of the blog Inside The Fishbowl.  Amy is a local stay-at-home mom who started blogging to document her life and the things she loves.  I love her blog because it is positive and simple.  Back in July, wrote a post about our new logo launch and paper collections (from me to you, front porch and thirty-one).  You can see it here.

This is Kim Stoegbauer, an Arizona native, party stylist de jour and founder of The TomKat Studio. Last May she featured our Doily Banner in a strawberry themed birthday party.  See the whole posting here.  Kim's blog is a must see!

Thanks to you all!

Your Turn To Give Back  |  What is one of your favorite blogs?